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houses of wroclaw

project introduction

Over several decades the city of Wrocław (Poland) has gone through numerous of changes. Not only has the name of the city changed multiple times, but also its culture, architecture and the their citizen. Hardly any other city has gone through so many extreme transitions.

The Masterclass of “Die Graphische” spent a week in Wroclaw to explore its history of transitions. Each student has researched a certain topic. After doing so, everyone created an independant project. In April 2016 the students have presented the results of their project in an exhibition called “Transition” in the Design Forum Vienna.

transition exhibition poster

architecture history

After acquiring information about the history of their architecture, I decided to dedicate my project this subject. The architecture was strongly shaped by the second world war, followed by the democratization. 75% of the buildings were destroyed during the second world war. In the ‘40s and ‘50s they began to reconstruct the city in two different ways. A small part was rebuilt the exact same way it looked before, but for the most part they were only allowed to build it in a strict real-socialistic way. Therefore the major part of the city appeared very monochrome, the buildings were dull and had only a few different shades of grey.

illustration houses wroclaw
photo wroclaw city houses
photo wroclaw city houses
photo wroclaw city houses

multicoloured buildings

After the communist regime collapsed in 1989 the city started to renovate the facades in the oldtown. They painted the facades in different colours and added some ornaments. Little do the tourists know, that the inside of the beautiful buildings still remain the same dull way, because the city of Wroclaw only renovated the outside of the buildings. The major part of their inhabitants can’t afford to renovate the inside of those beautiful looking buildings.

beautiful faces of wrocław

My projects draws attention to the beautiful facades in the oldtown of wroclaw. To put the focus on the facades they were illustrated. In an animation they transition into one another, in order to point out that they were all renovated for one purpose, to make the city look pretty. But no one really cares what happens inside those walls.

exhibition - transition

Since the aspect of transition was such a big part of the city in every way, the students have decided that every project should be in context with that subject. Each student had an individual approach and managed to show the diversity of the city.

transition exhibition
phone screen stoked
schriftstuecke lettering
transition ausstellung design forum wien
transition ausstellung design forum wien
transition ausstellung design forum wien
transition ausstellung design forum wien
transition ausstellung design forum wien